We provide services to professional clients worldwide 🌍, including companies and architects. 

For individual clients requiring assistance, we are more than happy to recommend reputable architects.

BIM and automation 🤖

Integrated design, data, and modeling management of industrial facilities and buildings in their life cycle.

  • Technical specification of BIM models and processes
  • Parametric components
  • Revit families
  • Construction sequence simulation
  • Automation and scripting

Steel structures 🔩

Analysis and calculations

  • Design, calculation, and optimization of the steel structures, special structures, lifting equipment and transportation reinforcement
  • Joints and connections design
  • Steel stacks (chimneys) and mass dampers
  • Seismic calculations
  • Lifting calculations
  • Design for sea transportation


  •  European codes: Eurocodes and harmonized European standards. Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and CE marking
  • American codes: IBC, UBC, AISC, ASME
  • Russian and CIS codes: SNIP, SP, GOST

Industrial piping 👨‍🔧

Analysis and calculations

  • Piping flexibility and stress analysis following the European codes (EN 13480) and American codes (ASME B31.3)
  • Pressure drop calculations: dimensioning of the complex pipelines for guaranteed pressures and flowrates at the usage points

Modelling and design ✏

  • Design of steel structures and reinforces concrete structures: general arrangements, detail design
  • Design of pipelines: general arrangements, isometric drawings

Software 🖥

Any software is an important but not essential tool in the design process. We are convinced that comprehension of theory, methods, and engineering disciplines such as material resistance or physics and the common sense are more important for obtaining a good result.

Therefore, we have the possibilities to adapt and use specific software if required.

Here below are the software we used to work:

  • Structural analysis: SAP2000, Robot Structural Analysis,, RFEM/RSRAB
  • 3d modelling and BIM: Revit, Tekla, Advance Steel, FreeCAD
  • Piping stress and flexibility: Rohr2, CAESAR II
  • Pressure drop: Sinetz

We develop and use our internal spreadsheets as well.