About us


Tistas brings together independent professionals passionate about engineering.

We are an internationally based company. Our human sized company let us work as a real team, share our know-hows and continuously improve our skills.

​Our values and principles





Our diversified and tightly-welded team consists of young, enthusiastic and experienced engineers. We are efficiently organized. Communication technologies, shared work environment and always on technology monitoring is our force. This let us work remotely and stay close.

For the client

Contact with operational people.

Most relevant project information.

Team aware and understand the need.


We have acquired an international experience in the projects following different codes and regulations (American codes: IBC, AISC; Eurocodes and harmonized European standards mandatory for the European market and CE marking; Russian and CIS codes: SNIP, SP and GOST)

Working with the clients from all over the world has provided us with a good international experience. We also know how to success in multicultural teams and outsource smartly.

At Tistas, we apply the principle of utility for better understanding a client’s need and for delivering the most efficient and accurate solution.